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Life is hard. All of us struggle. We experience frustrations, defeats and stresses that can darken our outlook. At Fellowship, we believe the Bible has the answers for the issues of life. 

Whether you are struggling with family or marital matters, or a personal issue such as depression, anger, anxiety, guilt, worry or forgiveness, we want to offer you the certain hope of God’s Word and the guidance to be an overcomer.  The victory Christ achieved when He arose again on the third day and walked out of the tomb is the victory He grants to all who follow Him -- even when life is hard!


Fellowship is here to assist you in learning and growing in the ministry of counseling. We provide avenues to submit questions you have to our trained counselors, opportunities to observe live counseling cases, and formal training at our annual conference in the fall.


Additionally, if you have interest in working towards an ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) certification, let us know. We can provide resources and direction to assist you in achieving this goal. 


We hold an annual Biblical Counseling Conference in the Central Ohio area in the fall.  Check back for details.

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