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Our desire is to point you to the victorious path God has planned for you. 

What is Biblical Counseling?

We believe the Bible has the answers for the issues of life. The God of all creation knows everything about us and how we function. As such, He has given us His sufficient counsel to direct us on how to handle the problems of life and to do so in a way that brings glory to Him and benefit to us. 

This occurs when the Word of God intersects the heart of man. Real, lasting change first begins at this deepest level of heart transformation.  A changed heart leads to changed thoughts, behaviors and words.

How are we qualified?

Our counselors are receiving training from or are certified with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors ( 

What to Expect

Privacy, Care, and Encouragement

Our staff will care for you and treat you with respect. Everything will be held in strict confidence except where, in the counselor’s judgment, there is a Biblical requirement to involve others (e.g. criminal activity). 


We will assign homework between your weekly counseling sessions. The assignments are meant to encourage lasting change.

Time and Cost

The sessions will occur once a week and typically last 50-60 minutes.   Generally, the counselor and counselee will meet for 10-12 sessions, although some situations might require fewer or more meetings.

We provide this counseling free of charge as a ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church. However, you will be expected to pay for any materials supplied, such as books or booklets.


We are located at 6720 Shier Rings Road in Dublin.

What We Expect


You will need to attend each session on time, unless providentially hindered. 


You will be expected to complete the weekly homework assigned from the previous session. 


You will be expected to attend a Bible-teaching church. 



You will be expected to see the counseling through to its conclusion.


“Before, I thought all counseling was just someone’s opinion and that there really was no right answer. However, I have learned that biblical counseling is biblical.”

— CD

“Thanks again for telling me that I was too dependent on what I thought my husband thought of me. I am being conscious to make sure I am getting my acceptance from God.”

— TF

“Biblical counseling gets to the heart, it gets to the bottom of the problems and if you are willing to go there, you can grow and live according to God’s plan.”

— HL

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